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Tuna Peptide

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Tuna is well-known in the international market for its high nutritional value, pure nature and pollution-free. It's also known as "marine gold"

Tuna peptide is a small molecule active peptide obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of tuna, which is rich in anserine.


1. Tuna peptide can lower uric acid and anti-gout

2. Tuna peptide can anti-oxidation, anti-aging

3. Tuna peptide can improve sleeping

4. Tuna peptide can improve memory


1. Be rich of anserine: more than 4%;

2. High nutritional value: the peptide content is more than 80%, containing 20 kinds of essential amino acids for human;

3. Suitable molecular weight: its average molecular weight is 1000Da, and can be directly absorbed without digestion


1.Tuna peptide can be used in food industry: improve amino acid composition, increase protein content and nutritional value of food;

2. Tuna peptide can be used in sport food: supplement protein, enhance athletic performance;

3. Tuna peptide can be used in dietary supplements, health care food, special medical food: anti-gout, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, improve sleeping and improve memory。




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