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Ginseng peptide

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product Details
Ginseng Peptide is a small active peptide, consisting of small molecular fragments of 2 to 10 amino acids, rich in 22 amino acids, including 9 essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized by the human body. Because of the small molecules, it is easy to penetrate the human cell membrane and directly enter the cell interior. The body absorbs, transforms, and utilizes ginseng peptides in the most efficient way without the need to digest through the gastrointestinal tract or lose energy. After taking it, it can play the effect of lowering blood pressure, lowering lipid, promoting metabolism, etc...

Functions of Ginseng Peptide

1、Protect blood vessel

Ginseng peptide can improve the immunity of human cells and humoral immunity, and promote the proliferation of lymphocytes. When cellular immunity and lymphocytes increase, the ability of anti-bacteria and anti-fatigue is enhanced, and the consumption of ginseng peptide low immunity is improved. In addition, ginsenoside can dilate blood vessels, regulate blood pressure in both directions, reduce intravascular lipid deposition, and help protect myocardial blood vessels.

2、Maintain blood sugar

Ginseng peptide has high nutritional value and contains the mineral chromium. The main role of this nutritional element is to repair damaged pancreatic cells, activate insulin secretion, and increase the synthesis of liver glycogen after absorption by the body. Through comprehensive regulation, it helps to stabilize blood sugar, keep it at a normal level and accelerate cellular energy metabolism.

3、Protect the liver

The liver is one of the important organs of the human body. If you want to play a good role in liver protection in daily life, you can choose Ginseng Peptide from National Medicine Peptide Valley. The product contains amino acid ingredients such as glutamic acid and alanine, which can not only accelerate the metabolism of alcohol and liver after being absorbed by the body but also make the alcohol excreted from the body faster, reduce the damage to the liver, improve the liver function and relieve alcoholic hepatitis.

4、Strengthen bones

The main ingredients of Guoyao Peptide Valley Ginseng Peptide are ginseng peptide and collagen peptide powder, which are rich in collagen and amino acid ingredients. These ingredients are nutrients needed in the process of collagen and cartilage production, which can meet the nutritional needs of cartilage.


The absorption characteristics of Ginseng Peptide

1. direct absorption without digestion.

2. fast absorption, quickly enters human body circulation, then enter human tissue cells, and organs.

3. 100% absorption, no waste.

4. active absorption, active absorption when the body's digestive and absorption function is weakened and reduced or even lost.

5. Zero energy consumption, no need to consume human energy when absorbed.

6. carrier role, after absorption carries a variety of minerals, and traces elements into the human body circulation, and then into human tissue and organs, solving the problem of minerals, and trace elements in the cells, a comprehensive and balanced solution to the problem of nutrition.


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