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Pea Protein peptide

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Pea peptide is an active small molecule peptide, it is extracted from pea protein by bio-complex enzyme digestion, giving it beneficial antioxidant, antihypertensive, and modulating intestinal bacteria activities, as well as various functional properties, including solubility, water- and oil-holding capacities, and emulsifying, foaming, and gelling properties. Pea peptide contains eight essential amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize by itself and the composition is showed in table .

Pea peptide has a good nutritional property and is a promising and safe functional food raw material. Due to its good water solubility availability, low cost, nutritional values and health benefits, pea protein-peptide can be used in food supplement, food emulsifier, fortified beverage and pharmaceutical applications:

  • Food supplement

Pea peptide is popular additive or supplement in global food industry. With its excellent physicochemical properties, such as high level of water and oil absorption, excellent gelation capabilities and gel clarity, it provides a novel type of plant proteins for functional foods under new formulations.
Pea protein has been incorporated into beef patties, salad dressing and encapsulated ingredient powders to improve their functional properties. Pea protein can also be used as nutritional supplements for sports and exercises.

  • Food emulsifier

Because of the safety and nutritional values, the use of plant peptides as emulsifiers is of great interest to food and beverage industries. The ability of peptide to form and stabilize emulsions is critical to its role as food ingredients in a wide range of applications. Pea peptide has been reported to be used as emulsifier in cakes, souffles, whipped toppings, fudges, etc.

  • Fortified beverage

Research shows that protein supplementation may exacerbate possible adaptations induced by resistance training. The consumption of pea protein promotes gains in biceps brachii thickness and especially in beginners or people returning to weight training[3]. Pea peptide has been used in fortified beverages, such as protein shake, sports drink and protein juice blend.

  • Pharmaceutical application

In recent years, plant peptide has been widely used to develop delivery platforms for encapsulation, protection and controlled release of bioactive compounds, such as micronanoparticles and nanoparticles, fibers, films and hydrogels. It has been studied that pea peptide is an effective wall material for microencapsulation of ascorbic acid and tocoferol.

Alfa Chemistry supplies pea peptide with molecular weight less than 1000Dal. Which can be used in food, beverage, liquid dairy products, medicine and health care products. You can access to technical data for detail information. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The FDA considers peas to be the cleanest plant product and he has no transfer fund risk. Pea peptide has a good nutritional property and is a promising and safe functional food raw material. Regarding the specification of the pea protein-peptide, it is light yellow powder. Peptide≥70.0% and average molecular weight≤3000Dal. In application, Due to its good water solubility and other characteristics, pea protein-peptide can be used for vegetable protein beverages (peanut milk, walnut milk, etc.), health nutrition foods, bakery products, and can be used to improve the protein content to stabilize the quality of milk powder, as well as sausage in other products.

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