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Omberacetam is a synthetic dipeptide that has been shown to produce positive nootropic and cognitive effects in animal models by a mechanism similar to other related racetam compounds.

Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight
PubChem CID
MDL Number
Merck Index

Chemical Properties

Density 1.202g/cm3 Boiling point 547.3°C at 760 mmHg
Melting point 96 °C Refractive index
Flash point 284.8°C Optical Activity -116° (C=0.4,CHCl3)
Water solubility Physical State
Purity Appearance
InChI InChI=1/C17H22N2O4/c1-2-23-16(21)12-18-17(22)14-9-6-10-19(14)15(20)11-13-7-4-3-5-8-13/h3-5,7-8,14H,2,6,9-12H2,1H3,(H,18,22)/t14-/m0/s1
Synonyms ethyl 2-[[(2S)-1-(2-phenylacetyl)pyrrolidine-2-carbonyl]amino]acetate; ethyl phenylacetyl-Pro-Gly; GVS 111; GVS-111; Glycine, N-(1-(phenylacetyl)-L-prolyl)-, ethyl ester; Glycine, 1-(phenylacetyl)-L-prolyl-, ethyl ester; ethyl 1-(phenylacetyl)-L-prolylglycinate; N-(1-(Phenylacetyl)-L-prolyl)glycineethylester; N-(1-(Phenylacetyl)-L-prolyl)glycine ethyl ester
Solubility data DMSO: 100 mg/mL (314.10 mM) ( < 1 mg/mL refers to the product slightly soluble or insoluble )

Biological Description

Ki Data
pK Values
Storage -20°C
In Vitro The neuroprotective effect of noopept (added to the medium at 10 μM concentration, 72 hours before Аβ 25-35) was studied on Аβ 25-35-induced injury (5 μM for 24 h) in PC12 cells.?The ability of drug to protect the impairments of cell viability, calcium homeostasis, ROS level, mitochondrial function, tau phosphorylation and neurite outgrowth caused by Аβ 25-35 were evaluated.?Following the exposure of PC12 cells to Аβ 25-35 an increase of the level of ROS, intracellular calcium, and tau phosphorylation at Ser396 were observed;?these changes were accompanied by a decrease in cell viability and an increase of apoptosis.?Noopept treatment before the amyloid-beta exposure improved PC12 cells viability, reduced the number of early and late apoptotic cells, the levels of intracellular reactive oxygen species and calcium and enhanced the mitochondrial membrane potential.?In addition, pretreatment of PC12 cell with noopept significantly attenuated tau hyperphosphorylation at Ser396 and ameliorated the alterations of neurite outgrowth evoked by Аβ25-35.
In Vivo Noopept eliminated the manifestations of learned helplessness after long-term (21-day) treatment by increasing the percent of trained animals.


Application Treat Impaired memory, attention and other cognitive functions as well as emotionally labile disorders. More products biolla/INNOVOX: Product list

Security information

Hazard Symbols
Risk Codes
Safety Description


References [1] Mona Taghizadeh, et al. Retraction notice to "Noopept; a nootropic dipeptide, modulates persistent inflammation by effecting spinal microglia dependent Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF) and pro-BDNF expression throughout apoptotic process" [Heliyon (2021) e06219] [2] Mona Taghizadeh, et al. Noopept; a nootropic dipeptide, modulates persistent inflammation by effecting spinal microglia dependent Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF) and pro-BDNF expression throughout apoptotic process [3] L F Zainullina, et al. Cognitive Enhancer Noopept Activates Transcription Factor HIF-1 [4] Perihan Grbz, et al. Effects of noopept on cognitive functions and pubertal process in rats with diabetes [5] R U Ostrovskaia, et al. The original novel nootropic and neuroprotective agent noopept

Noopept is a unique nootropic peptide that was developed in Russia to treat age-related cognitive decline. Today, it is used by elderly and young nootropic enthusiasts alike and has become one of the most potent and popular smart drugs currently in use.

Noopept powder more potent than piracetam and other memory enhancing smart drugs, noopept is currently used as a potent prescription drug for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other age related cognitive decline in countries like Russia and the former Soviet Union. Noopept has grown in popularity over the past two decades and currently is one of the highly recommended nootropics within the community.


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