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Collagen tripeptide - supports women to maintain their youth

   date :2023-09-18    
Collagen tripeptides can be considered the pinnacle of skin aging prevention techniques. Cosmetic products containing collagen are the preferred ingredient for many people to combat skin aging agents. Let's learn about the use of collagen tripeptides - to support women in maintaining their youth - through the following article.

The astonishing use of collagen tripeptides

At present, there are many collagen supplement products for the body on the market. Collagen tripeptides are considered a leap in beauty technology, with the following advantages:

1.Collagen tripeptides use hydrolysis technology to completely decompose collagen molecules to about 500 Da, which is 600 times smaller than traditional collagen molecules.

2.The molecular structure of tripeptide collagen is very small and can be directly absorbed into the bloodstream through the digestive tract mucosa, becoming rapidly absorbed collagen, while other collagen typically takes 3-5 hours to be absorbed by the human body.

3.Collagen tripeptides can be retained in the body for up to 90%, limiting rejection, effectively providing collagen deficiency, stimulating natural collagen proliferation, promoting cell metabolism, bringing young and fair skin, and preventing skin aging.

The difference between collagen tripeptide and collagen peptide?

Collagen helps to rebuild the skin epidermis and repair damage, thereby helping skin elasticity and anti-aging. Collagen is hydrolyzed into amino acid chains with minimal molecular weight, which helps increase absorption.

At present, the collagen hydrolysis line is commonly referred to as collagen peptide, consisting of 30-100 binding amino acids. These molecules are randomly broken down into short fragments through the digestive system and absorbed into the body through the intestinal mucosa.

In addition, according to the latest research, collagen tripeptide - is completely hydrolyzed. Collagen tripeptide is composed of three interrelated amino acids that can be further absorbed through the digestive tract and is preferred for use in tissues such as skin and bones. To be effective, collagen peptides should be used at a dose of 5g per day. In contrast, collagen tripeptides only require about one-fifth of the amount to bring about significant skin changes.

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