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Collagen Tripeptide - A New Height in the Use of Anti aging Collagen

   date :2023-09-17    
After the age of 25, skin changes will gradually become apparent, such as wrinkles and dry skin... Therefore, supplementing with tripeptide collagen at this time will provide a solid foundation for women to fight against aging factors.

Why is tripeptide collagen so important in anti-aging technology?

Collagen tripeptide has significant characteristics of the new generation of collagen products and is one of the highly appreciated beauty techniques by beauty experts. Currently, due to product price limitations, few collagen brands in the Vietnamese market dare to apply innovative technologies.

The most advanced and expensive collagen complete hydrolysis technology in Japan helps to manufacture micro collagen tripeptide molecules, enhance the solubility and absorption ability of collagen active substances, nourish tissues, repair damage, and bring elasticity and firmness to the skin.

Unlike common collagen, the feces of tripeptide collagen can eliminate the limitations of old collagen because they are small in size and can be directly absorbed into the digestive system mucosa, penetrating into the bloodstream at an extremely fast rate. With such impressive capabilities, tripeptide collagen overcomes the shortcomings of traditional collagen, enhances its biological activity to the body, and enhances its absorption capacity.

It only exists in collagen tripeptides.

Since its discovery, there have been many works and experimental studies on the advantages, composition, and practical applications of collagen, hoping to apply this active substance to human life and medical care. Especially in the medical community and the entire pharmaceutical industry, significant achievements have been made in researching the application of this active substance.

Collagen is the main protein that forms the middle and surface of the skin, and is also the majority of fibrin in mammals. They also participate in up to 90% of proteins in bones. Generally speaking, collagen extracted from animal bones and/or skin has a tertiary helical structure and is used in medicine and cosmetics. This triple helix structure is composed of three polypeptide chains with a molecular weight of approximately 100000 Da.

Collagen tripeptides have advantages in digestion and absorption because they have small molecules of medium mass less than 500 Da.

The advantage of collagen tripeptides is that the complete hydrolysis technology allows collagen molecules to be separated into microscale structures using only three amino acid fragments, with an average molecular weight of less than 500 Da, which is 600 times lighter than ordinary collagen. This tiny size enables tripeptide collagen to pass through the gastrointestinal mucosa and be immediately absorbed after oral administration, improving the efficiency of almost all different organs in the body.

Effectively repairing skin with BISHIN collagen

Usually, most women focus too much on external care products to the extent that they forget to improve their health internally to prevent aging issues. Therefore, in addition to moderate activities, health experts also recommend that women supplement collagen to enhance the effectiveness of preventing excessive aging in the body. Especially, the size of fully hydrolyzed collagen (collagen tripeptide) is the same as that of natural collagen in the body to achieve the highest absorption effect.

The main component of BISHIN collagen is the collagen tripeptide prepared using modern technology in Japan, which is a product that helps women solve collagen deficiency from the depths of their hearts. In addition, other ingredients in Bishen, such as hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed silk, salmon nasal cartilage extract, and rice extract containing 10% ceramide and vitamins, will help supplement the body's nutrients, stimulate the natural production of collagen, and restore the body, Prevent skin aging.

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