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Collagen tripeptide - restores skin at the cellular level

   date :2023-09-15    
Beauty products containing collagen are the first choice for many people to fight against skin aging agents. Among many products, collagen tripeptides can be seen as the pinnacle of skin aging prevention technology. So, what is this type of collagen?

Collagen Tripeptide - Intramolecular Differences

The current popular type of cosmetic collagen on the market is collagen peptide, also known as hydrolyzed collagen, with a structure of approximately 30-100 binding amino acids. When you use this collagen, your digestive system must randomly cut it into small pieces before it can be absorbed through the intestinal mucosa. Therefore, the absorption rate of this type of collagen is usually low, and the action time is usually 3 hours or longer.
Unlike collagen peptides, collagen tripeptides use the most advanced technology of complete hydrolysis, making collagen the smallest and most durable unit, with only a twisted structure of three amino acids combined with the highest biological activity of the human body. Due to the use of complete hydrolysis technology, the mass of collagen tripeptides is only 500 Da, which is 10 times smaller than collagen peptides. Therefore, they can be directly absorbed through the digestive system and preferentially transported to connective tissue such as skin and bones. To achieve maximum efficiency.

For the skin, protein is a very important component, and one of the most important proteins is collagen. Collagen tripeptides are amino acid chains produced by the human body and used to synthesize nutritional proteins. These proteins are crucial for building collagen bonds in the body and building skin.

What makes tripeptide collagen better than other collagen proteins?

Due to various reasons, many people are usually afraid to use collagen products, such as using collagen with hot water can reduce effectiveness, slow effect, viscosity, and unpleasant taste when using collagen.

However, using the most advanced collagen hydrolysis technology, collagen tripeptides can completely solve these problems because they have a stable three strand collagen twisted structure, making collagen tripeptides well soluble in water. It has a slight sweet taste, is easy to drink, and has no unpleasant odor or viscosity, just like other collagen proteins. The use of collagen tripeptides with warm or hot water can also greatly improve their effectiveness.

Due to its small molecular structure, collagen tripeptides have ultra fast absorption ability, so using only 1/10 of low dose collagen per day is effective. That's why you don't have to drink too much collagen at once like before.

What type of collagen is beneficial for health?
Basically, in addition to delivering collagen to the body through food, The best method for using "collagen supplements" is to apply this working principle to products containing collagen tripeptides. Since the age of 25, as the body ages, the rate of "aging" accelerates, making it more difficult to control at the age of 30-40, You will be in great need of such products.

It's difficult to choose good collagen that suits you. Therefore, health experts suggest that women use fully hydrolyzed collagen (collagen tripeptide) to supplement collagen, which is composed of three amino acids in its structure, so that the body can absorb it most effectively.
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