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55466-05-2 jujuboside b

Product Description

CAS No. 55466-05-2
Product Name jujuboside b
Synonyms o-6-deoxy-a-l-mannopyranosyl-(1(r)2)-o-[o-b-d-xylopyranosyl-(1(r)2)-b-d-glucopyranosyl-(1(r)3)]-(3b,16b,23r)-16,23:16,30-diepoxy-20-hydroxydammar-24-en-3-yl-a-l-arabinopyranoside; (2s,4br,6bs,7s,9r,11as,12bs,14ar)-7-hydroxy-1,1,4a,7,12b-pentamethyl-9-(2-methylprop-1-en-1-yl)octadecahydro-1h-9,11a-epoxynaphtho[2',1':4,5]indeno[2,1-c]oxepin-2(11h)-yl 6-deoxy-β-d-gulopyranosyl-(1->2)-[β-d-xylopyranosyl-(1->2)-β-d-glucopyranosyl-(1->3)]-β-d-ribopyranoside
InChI InChI=1/C52H84O21/c1-22(2)15-52-20-50(8,63)42-24-9-10-30-48(6,25(24)16-51(42,73-52)21-66-52)13-11-29-47(4,5)31(12-14-49(29,30)7)69-45-41(72-44-38(62)35(59)32(56)23(3)67-44)39(27(55)19-65-45)70-46-40(36(60)34(58)28(17-53)68-46)71-43-37(61)33(57)26(54)18-64-43/h15,23-46,53-63H,9-14,16-21H2,1-8H3/t23-,24?,25?,26-,27-,28-,29+,30-,31+,32+,33+,34-,35-,36+,37-,38-,39-,40-,41-,42+,43+,44+,45+,46+,48+,49?,50+,51-,52+/m1/s1
Molecular Formula C52H84O21
Molecular Weight 1045.21
Density 1.44g/cm3
Melting point 228-231℃
Refractive index 1.627
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